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6th February, 2009
Karel Medium (2009) - An exercise in type ...

I had done some lettering before, but not with any great knowledge of what to do and where to start. Not that I am an expert now, far from it, but it's still nice to hack away at the sometimes daunting task of creating a consistent set of letters for private use.

Karel Medium is the first that had a clear starting point, the golden ratio (1.6180339887), rounded, to 1.6, for x-height + ascender height. The character width + space is set to 1. The aim was to make a readable full found for personal use and as a design challenge. As is often the case with these projects, they dry up after some useful material has been generated. Karel Medium was used on Yulemasfest cards, menus and as part of our 30th wedding anniversary logo. It may still prove useful in logo projects, who knows, perhaps you like something prepared with this unique typeface. :^)

Karel Medium (2009), a font for private use.
Karel Medium (2009), a font for private use.
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