Image-80: The Statue of Victoria (Goldelse) on top of the Siegessaule (Victory Column), Berlin - Studio Karel © 2003/05

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Karel Backhook Lower Case 2020 ...

Karel Backhook Lower Case 2020

Description: Karel Backhook Lower Case was inspired by typefaces seen in the Netherlands (2020) although there is no single influence. Initially the idea of the branding of the cheese alternative 'Kees' was interesting, but I'm not sure that works here. This typeface was created for the 2019 Yulemasfest Card.
Original/Made: 2020; Published: 22/11/2020

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R = remastered work; O = orignal work; C = preprared for client

Remastered artwork can be a, more or less, direct copy of the original (usually from a photograph or sketch made on trips), but more usually they are re-interpretations, more personal reconstructions or free plays on a theme using some elements or stylistic ideas from the original. Where known, I would normally give credit to the original artist, but often it is impossible to trace the names of designers or creators. Frequently the original is an object, not a graphic and, although the idea is not my own, the artwork based on it certainly is.

Original artwork is my own design work.

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