Image-53: Sunset over the Barents Sea near the North Cape, Norway - Studio Karel © 2002/09

Photography ...

Photography has never been an obsession ... however, I have been taking photos since 1967 when I first used my mothers old Agfa Clack roll film camera on holiday in the Netherlands. The Agfa Clack came on the market in 1954 (the year I was born). Since then I have had an on/off relationship with cameras and photography.

Good cameras were always out of reach and in the end any camera was fine to make some snaps during holidays or around the house. Film and developing cost where another issue, of course, and results were often disappointing as camera settings were based on guesswork.

For some more information about the old cameras you may wish to peek at the equipment page. There are also pages for travel photography, more local projects and some photo-essays.

Current Projects ....

Object Catalogue 10

Published: 19 November, 2020 © Studio Karel

Object Catalogye 10
Object Catalogue 10

In 2020 I have started taking pictures of my 'stuff' on the loft and creating an index of things that I have kept for one reason or another. Things that will slowly disappear or exists, for another generation, without too much meaning. It's just a vanity thing, but, who knows, it may help me when the noodle starts to struggle. I will only post a few of these as many items are pretty personal. This is catalogue page 10 with all my remaining LEGO from the 1950's. Doing the research I realised that this is among the earliest LEGO that became available in the 1950's. I used to have a lot more, but it all went elsewhere over time.


Chains in St. Abbs, Berwickshire

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